jrw-officeI am a trial lawyer dedicated to standing up for people who were harmed by others.

I take pride in using the legal system to hold businesses, industries, governmental entities, and individuals accountable for their unlawful conduct. My passion for advancing justice and vindicating the rights of the disenfranchised and those who were denied a fair shake is the driving force behind this firm.

I have never been able to stand down and allow someone to suffer mistreatment. I have to go in and help. That’s how I’m wired, and it’s the main reason why I do what I do.

I also do this work because I am fiercely competitive. I hate to lose. I love to win. And I especially enjoy winning against those who abused their positions of power to infringe on the rights and dignity of vulnerable or otherwise less-powerful people.

Consistent with my philosophy, my firm’s focus is on making things right by suing wrongdoers to restore justice, repair harm, and obtain fair compensation for aggrieved persons. To that end, we have brought hundreds of lawsuits and recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

We can help people with these types of cases: Employment Law, Civil Rights, and Health Records Privacy.

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