Attorney Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips, Attorney at LawI’m Tim Phillips. Since passing the California bar exam in 2008, I’ve represented dozens of people in employment, police misconduct, and criminal cases.

Employment Law. I represent employees in cases involving discrimination, sexual harassment, or unpaid wages. I also represent employees who have been retaliated against for taking a medical leave, requesting an accommodation, or complaining about illegal conduct. One newsworthy example is a disability discrimination case I brought on behalf of a man with psoriasis, who was fired because he could not comply with his employer’s no-beard policy.

Police Misconduct. I’ve taken on several cases against police officers. For example, in a case where my client was subjected to excessive force by Richfield police officers, Richfield paid $120,000 to settle. In another case, Hopkins paid $67,500 to settle after my client was arrested based on a warrant that was issued for the wrong person.

Criminal Defense. I’ve represented many people in criminal cases. I took a theft and disorderly conduct case to trial, for example, and the jury returned a not guilty verdict as to the theft charge and a guilty verdict as to the disorderly conduct charge. I appealed my client’s conviction and received a favorable opinion from the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The prosecutor subsequently dismissed the case. And in two trespassing cases I took to trial related to different Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the juries returned not guilty verdicts.

In addition, I’ve brought cases on behalf of people who requested public records but didn’t receive them. For example, I won a public records case against Minneapolis related to complaints about police misconduct. I also won access to the public data in Use of Force Reports in a case against Brooklyn Park.

I grew up in St. Louis Park and attended college at the University of Minnesota Morris. Though I started law school at William Mitchell in St. Paul, I transferred after my first year to the University of California Hastings in San Francisco. My concentration at Hastings was public interest law.

After graduating from law school, I litigated employment cases in San Francisco, first with Jason Erlich and then with Albert Stoll. In January 2012, I moved back to the Twin Cities. I’m currently licensed to practice in both California and Minnesota.

As I went to law school to help people, please don’t hesitate to call if you think I might be able to assist you.

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