Minneapolis Police Misconduct Attorney

Minneapolis Police Misconduct AttorneyMost police officers are brave individuals who carry out their duties with courage, dignity, and honor. Unfortunately, some police abuse their authority by engaging in misconduct against the very people they are tasked with protecting.

Federal laws make police misconduct illegal. If you have been victimized by police brutality, excessive force, false arrest, or an unlawful search you may be entitled to money damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, emotional harm, pain and suffering, and in some cases damages aimed at punishing officers for their unlawful conduct.

We sue cops who violate people’s rights. If you prevail in court you are entitled to attorney fees and court costs, which allows us to take most police misconduct cases on a contingent fee basis.


Representative Case

Our client was walking down a street in Minneapolis and minding his own business when two police officers arrested him and beat him up. Our client suffered a broken rib and urinated blood for a week. We sued the officers for false arrest and excessive force.

The officers argued that since they encountered our client in what they perceived as a bad neighborhood, they were entitled to assume that he was engaged in criminal activity.

The District of Minnesota federal Court rejected that argument and found that the arrest was unlawful as a matter of law. Please click here to view the Court’s order.

After the Court issued its Order, the City of Minneapolis settled for an equitable amount, as reported by Minnesota Public Radio.


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