Minneapolis School Discrimination Attorney

Most teachers and school administrators are committed professionals who are passionate about educating young people. Unfortunately, some school officials fail to take adequate action to protect students from discrimination.

State and federal laws entitle your child to a free public education with access to equal educational opportunities. We have developed a sub-focus in school discrimination law; specifically, we sue school districts whose employees’ conduct, in one way or another, denied students equal educational opportunities. This conduct can take the form of policies and practices that result in unequal learning environments, turning a blind eye to student-on-student harassment based on a student’s membership in a protected class, or even using corporal punishment against students.

If your child has been subjected to these unlawful practices, she may be entitled to money damages, including emotional harm, pain and suffering, and in some cases damages aimed at punishing the wrongdoer.

If you win in court you are also entitled to attorney fees and costs, which allows us to take most school law cases on a contingent fee basis.


Representative Case

Our client was one of a handful of Black students at Red Wing High School, where her White classmates organized a racist event called “Wigger Day” (i.e., “White Nigger”). The school district turned a blind eye to the racism and allowed Wigger Day to become a school tradition.

We sued the school district on her behalf under state and federal law in federal court.

The school district asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, but the court denied the request and became the first court in Minnesota to find that schools could be liable for student-on-student race discrimination. Please click here to view the Court’s order.

After we beat back the other side’s motion to dismiss, they did the right thing and settled for $90,000.


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