Workplace Investigation Attorneys

State and federal laws require employers and organizations to conduct investigations in response to allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other wrongdoing. Failure to conduct a proper investigation in a timely manner may result in severe penalties and repercussions.

JRW Law has a comprehensive workplace investigation practice in the following areas: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Education (K-12), Higher Education (four-year, two-year, technical and vocational institutions), Technology, Hospitality, and Nonprofits.

Our investigators are seasoned employment attorneys and/or human resources professionals with experience conducting even the most sensitive investigations. We have investigated matters ranging from accusations against front-line supervisors and middle managers to elected officials, college presidents, and C-suite corporate officers.

Our investigators treat all parties involved with dignity and respect, provide cogent analysis of the facts and the applicable law, and prepare either a brief summary or a detailed report of our findings, depending on our clients’ needs. We conduct most of our investigations remotely and securely via Zoom, but we are available to conduct in-person interviews if necessary. 

We look forward to working with you to resolve your challenges and get your team back on track.


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