Attorney Josh Williams

Joshua R. Williams, Attorney at LawI’m Josh Williams, and I founded this firm.

I have never been able to stand down and allow someone to suffer harm. I have to go in and help. This is my way, and it is the main reason why I do this work.

I began my legal career as a litigation attorney at one of the largest law firms in Minnesota, and in 2009 I started this firm to help real people with real problems.

Advocating for people who suffered human rights injuries such as discrimination, wage theft, and excessive force has always been a focus of my practice. After we relocated our office to our current space on the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis and I became a regular bicycle commuter, I expanded my focus to help fellow cyclists and other vulnerable roadway users who were injured in accidents.

In our first 10 years we have tried and won significant jury trials, including winning a rare class action jury verdict; obtained numerous substantial settlements; and prevailed in groundbreaking state, federal, and arbitration cases that set new standards in the law.

In one such case where I had the privilege of helping three incredibly brave young women prevail against a powerful adversary, Minnesota Lawyer honored me as an Attorney of the Year.


I understand that when people reach out to me who have suffered an injury—be it a physical, economic, or spiritual one—they are looking to me to help make things right and get their lives back on track. To that end, I am honored to have successfully vindicated the rights of hundreds of my clients who suffered injuries due to another’s negligence or misconduct, and recovered millions of dollars on their behalf through settlements and trials.

While I take great pride in winning favorable results, I do not like it that someone has to suffer a calamity in order for me to earn a fee, which in almost all of my cases is a percentage of the amount I recover for my clients from the other side or the other side’s insurance carrier. But the public policy behind our civil justice system–which places a dollar value on harm–is that if people and entities who violate the law are held monetarily accountable for their actions, it will deter future wrongdoing and make our communities safer places.

I am grateful for the opportunity to advance the worthy goal of making our communities safer by fighting for people who were harmed.

Thank you for considering working with my firm.

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Joshua Williams